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Accudyne Industries Leadership Development Program Application 2017


Welcome to L.E.A.D. @ Accudyne. We are grateful for your willingness to apply and applaud your commitment to help us in transforming Accudyne.

To meet our common vision, we need leaders with a strategic focus on our customers, execution and performance. To accomplish this, we have developed a leadership profile with expectations that will serve as the foundation for our LEAD program.

The LEAD @ Accudyne program is outcome based. Partnering with Rutgers University, L.E.A.D. will leverage best practices in leadership development using experience, action and coaching to provide a best in class program. This will include a Business Simulation with Accudyne conditions, Action Projects sponsored by Senior Leadership, and Personal Assessments to support meaningful and actionable coaching.

Starting in May, the 8 month L.E.A.D. program will consist of 4-3 day classroom sessions with bi-weekly webinars for deep dives on specific topics.

We are moving fast, and are glad to have you moving ahead with us.

Application for L.E.A.D. @ Accudyne

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    Please respond to each of these questions in 300 words to less.

    Adding value to Accudyne

    How do you see L.E.A.D. @ Accudyne helping you to fulfill and advance “Our Common Vision” at Accudyne?

    If given the opportunity to have a “1 on 1” dinner with Chuck Treadway, what would you ask Chuck and what advice would you share with Chuck?

    How do you see L.E.A.D @ Accudyne preparing you for your future roles at Accudyne? Please be specific on your aspired future roles and how they advance your career at Accudyne?

    What 2 specific areas do you look to develop in the L.E.A.D. @ Accudyne program and why? Please only choose two areas from the list below using the checkboxes, then use the dropdown menu to let us know why:



    Organizational Leadership



    Portfolio Management