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2. Developing Leaders from Within

Partner Client: US-based Fortune 500 company, specializing in supply chain management and are a leading North American distributor.

Audience: Managers identified as high potentials from throughout the US.

Delivery: 11 month high-potential management program delivered in blended format.

The Challenge: Wanting to maintain a hire from within strategy, this clients senior leadership desired to prepare and expand the company’s leadership pipeline. A sustaining program was envisioned that would be the foundation and pathway for future leaders to progress within the organization and to maintain identified key values such as loyalty, engagement and innovation.

The Solution: Working in close collaboration with the client, Rutgers Executive Education designed a modular learning program; blending classroom learning, elearning, team projects and individual assignments. Since its inaugural session back in 2007, this management development program has matured immensely and now is a more refined version of its original. Company senior executives now play key roles as team mentors and coaches, helping to provide guidance and support to program participants. Today, as planned, this program is the tollgate for managers seeking more senior positions within the organization.

The Impact: “This Management Program gives us an effective way to identify leaders who demonstrate our core values and equip them to succeed in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment,” say the clients Chairman, President, and CEO. “By developing leaders from within the company, we can sustain our long track record of success and strengthen our employee ownership culture for future generations.”