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4. Increasing Sales in Multiple Global Markets

Partner Client: US-based Fortune 100 equipment manufacturer with over 200 licensed dealers located through the world.

Audience: Sales Managers located at licensed dealers in locations including Europe, North America, Asia, China, Australia and the Middle East.

Delivery: 10 month 100% virtual learning program.

The Challenge: Corporate leadership needed to increase sales proficiencies and dealer performance among their entire global network of dealers. Competencies had been developed for the Sales Manager position at each dealer yet the deployment of a sales management training program that would be flexible, consistent and impactful was certainly deemed to be a challenge that needed to be taken very seriously.

The Solution: Through creative discussions with the Rutgers Executive Education design team and the clients learning and development team, an innovative learning solution was developed that included: live web meetings, hands-on assignments and a series of self-paced management courses. Based on the limited time sales managers could spend in a formal classroom, the learning solution was designed in a 100% virtual delivery format. To date, over 100 sales managers from over 20 countries have participated in this innovative program which currently being delivered in two languages; English and Mandarin.

The Impact: “We were seeking an academic partnership that would help us develop, design, and deliver a unique global sales management training program we were confident would yield a high return.” says the client’s senior chief learning officer. “Our dealers and their ability to sell and support products and services are instrumental to our organizational success.”