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Developing a Learning Solution with Our Clients

Having designed and delivered hundreds of organization-wide custom learning solutions for our clients, the Rutgers Executive Education team relies on a simplistic yet keenly reliable process in scoping the purpose, objectives and desired outcomes of a custom learning challenge. This process is conducted in highly transparent fashion with our client, shoulder- to- shoulder, as we strive to design and deliver the very best learning solution that is within our collective capabilities.


In order for Rutgers Executive Education to assist our client partners with designing and delivering the very best learning solution, it all starts with the humble yet complex art of listening. We recognize that no one knows your business better than you do. You are intimately aware of your challenges, your limitations, your competition, your weaknesses and your strengths. It is the important job of the Rutgers team to consider all the factors that are presented and to report back to you a clear, strategic picture of a) the present situation and b) the desired future situation. The delta between those two situations represents the intended learning solution.


The highly creative process of proposing potential learning solutions is an eye-opening one; a true exploration of the possibilities that exist. Our Rutgers Executive Education team explores your industry best practices, successful learning programs in related industries, academic research, new learning tools and methods all in effort to come to mutual agreement on a final learning solution. While some client solutions are best delivered virtually, others are delivered in traditional classroom style. Many times, the ideal client solutions blends virtual learning, self-paced learning and classroom learning with highly effective adult learning tools such as computer-based business simulations and team based projects.


Only when…all parties are satisfied that we collectively have designed the very best learning solution that time, budget and resources allow do we move to the Deliver stage. While the Rutgers Executive Education team, working with you, spends a great deal of time on this step, it is clearly the most important. The wide ranging considerations that were explored and the key organizational objectives are all narrowed down, considered and result in a final mutual agreement. Goals are defined, outcomes are identified, key stakeholders have provided input, and the environment to support changes in behavior has been established. Consensus leads to unfaltering support and paves the path to success.


When we say “custom”, we really mean custom. Based on the information gathered in the Listen and Agree steps, the Rutgers Executive Education final learning solution for your organization is truly unique. Our vast experiences allow us to deliver learning solutions that range from very traditional classroom designs on through 100% virtual designs that involve computer-based simulations and team developed 5 year business plans…and everything in between. Our solutions are always highly respectful of your time, flexibility, culture and budget.


Of course, no initiative worth implementing should be considered complete without regular review and monitoring. Rutgers Executive Education works with you to put in place any of the multitudes of assessment techniques that are available to ensure program quality, to measure learner and organizational impact and to sustain personal development growth. Review and assessment tools such as 360 reviews, focus groups, surveys, personal action plans, coaching and post-event mentoring are all considered by the client and the Rutgers design team for their potential value.

While looking in the rearview mirror at this point is critical, it is standard practice that Rutgers Executive Education works with our clients to encourage your thoughts to looking forward, beyond the completion of a successful learning solution. Developing plans to create “alumni networks”, to further develop the skills of newly trained experts as teachers, to consider train the trainer possibilities and to establish learning paths for all positions are tasks that we consider to be an active component of a Rutgers Executive Education learning solution.


For more information, contact: Ray Compari, Associate Dean and Director, (856) 225-6723, rcompari@camden.rutgers.edu.