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Graybar Digital Supply Chain Leadership Program Application


Welcome to the future of Graybar! This new program, developed in partnership with Rutgers University, is a critical step in transforming Graybar into the “vital link in the digital supply chain”.

To successfully carry out Graybar’s mission in the emerging digital world, Graybar needs leaders focusing on innovative solutions for our customers and suppliers with purposeful effort on execution and performance. To accomplish this, we have developed The Graybar Digital Supply Chain Leader Program to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to meet an emerging future with confidence.

The Graybar Digital Supply Chain Leader Program is an outcome based program. In addition to readings and class discussion, the program will include Personal Assessments to support meaningful and actionable coaching, optional Boot camps to prepare for our deep dives throughout the program, and Strategic Projects developed in Graybar’s Innovation Lab sponsored by Senior Leadership.

Starting in February, the 11-month Graybar Digital Supply Chain Leader Program will require a time commitment of 4 hours per week over the 11 months, roughly 150 hours consisting of:

– 3 – 3 day classroom sessions
– Biweekly 90 minute webinars
– Final Project Presentations

We are moving fast, and are glad to have you moving ahead with us.

Application for Digital Supply Chain Leadership Program

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    Please respond to each of these questions in 300 words to less.

    Adding value to Graybar as the vital link in the Digital Supply Chain

    How do you see the Digital Supply Chain Leadership Program helping you to fulfill and advance our mission "to serve as the vital link in the supply chain, adding value for customers and suppliers with innovative solutions and services"?

    If given the opportunity to have a "1 on 1" dinner with Kathy Mazzarella, what would you ask Kathy and what advice would you share with Kathy?

    Adding value to Your Career

    How do you see the Digital Supply Chain Leadership Program preparing you for your future roles at Graybar? Please be specific on your aspired future roles and how they advance your career at Graybar?

    What 2 specific areas do you look to develop in the the Digital Supply Chain Leadership Program program and why? Please only choose two areas from the list below using the checkboxes, then use the dropdown menu to let us know why:



    Organizational Leadership


    Innovation Management


    Current Resume: To complete your application, please upload a current 1-2 page resume here. This will be useful in both creating the initial team configurations and providing input into your Personal Development Plan for the program.

    Uploading Instructions

    To upload your resume, please save your resume as a PDF or another common word processing file format (DOC, DOCX, ODT, OTT). There is a 5MB file limit. If you have any issue with the upload process, please contact us.