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Lean Six Sigma Project Implementation & Black Belt Certification

New to Lean Six Sigma? Check out our infographic to learn more about this growing field.

The next step after Black Belt Training! The Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt Certification process will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and application of the Lean & Six Sigma processes through an in-depth exam, application of methodologies to a real-life project, and a presentation of your findings to the Rutgers University Certification Board and your elected supervisor
or project sponsor.

In order to gain the most from our process improvement programs, we recommend that you initiate your certification within one year of your  Black Belt training.

To become a “Certified” Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt professional, candidates must:

  1. Complete the Rutgers / Lockheed Martin Six Sigma Black Belt training course.
  2. Execute an Agreement with the candidate’s supervisor or project sponsor.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the Lean & Six Sigma methodology and tools by passing the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam (based on the Rutgers/Lockheed Martin Black Belt training).
  4. Apply Lean & Six Sigma tools and methodology via the timely and successful completion of one project with measurable outcomes.
  5. Submit to the Rutgers Certification Board the candidate’s Lean & Six Sigma Notebook which includes:

*The Candidate must submit the project Notebook to the Certification Board no later than 10 months after beginning the Rutgers’ Black Belt certification process.

The Black Belt Certification program is geared specifically towards alumni of Rutgers Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt training program. Please visit the Black Belt Training page for more information.

• The opportunity to demonstrate to your organization how you can apply your expertise of Lean & Six Sigma processes to improve and attain its strategic objectives.
• Increased marketability with an official Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt Certification that will validate your mastery of managing a cost-saving project/event.

Al Leigh, Master Black Belt, Rutgers University Adjunct Instructor

Having worked in leadership roles for nearly 33 years, Al has been recognized corporate-wide as a Quality Management leader. An ISO 9000 Lead Assessor, Al has conducted over 25 ISO 9000 / QS 9000 assessments and helped to develop the subsequent deployment programs. A certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Champion and active member of the Six Sigma community, Al has delivered numerous Six Sigma presentations at universities and national conferences. Al is also APICS certified CPIM (Certified Production and Inventory Management) and CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) certification from APICS, the global Supply Chain and Operations Management Organization.