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Maximize Your Leadership DNA

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When the economy and business climate raises concern about your organization’s future, it is vital you be well-equipped to optimize your organization’s performance. Great leaders must be able to demonstrate their ability to be a visionary, a trailblazer, a strategist, a communicator, a coach, a diplomat, and a politician. However, to do so, you must discover your leadership DNA and how to maximize its effectiveness. Learn how to focus on the big picture, build strong teams, and maintain effective communications, while maintaining the agility and poise that some of the world’s most successful leaders possess.

• 3 Classroom days

  • Senior leaders, key decision makers, business owners, other executive-level individuals, and those in management roles who have been identified as high-potential contributors within their organization.
  • Gain a deep self-awareness of your leadership DNA, including a clear understanding of how others see you as a leader
  • Learn to create a vision that captures the hearts and minds of those you lead
  • Recognize the relationship among power, authority, and influence in your role as a leader
  • Examine best practices of great leaders and how to incorporate them into your own journey
  • Develop clear strategies to lead through times of uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity
  • Acquire concrete methods to increase the profitability of your organization through your personal leadership

John G. Drozdal, Ed.D

John Dorzdal, Ed.DSince 1987, John G. Drozdal, Ed.D., has trained more than 25,000 leaders, managers, and team members from small start-ups to large multi-national companies to effectively get work done through and with others. Organizations that have benefited from Johns program facilitation include: 3M, Cargill and General Mills. John graduated from Princeton University with an AB in Psychology, holds an MBA degrees from The University of Minnesota, and an Ed.D. from The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. John is a member of the American Association of Psychological Type and is an MBTI® Master Practitioner. He is also well versed in the use of the FIRO-B™, as well as other experiential tools and techniques. He is a member the American Society for Training and Development. John has authored numerous proprietary case studies for client management development training programs. John served as adjunct professor in the Executive MBA Program in the College of Business at The University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has also taught at the Anderson Schools of Management at the University of New Mexico.