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Certificate in Customer Service Excellence

Next Date: Start as soon as January 15, 2022

Investment: $1,800


Looking to launch a fulfilling career or upskill in a role that helps others solve their problems and find joy in doing so?  Prepare for roles in retail eCommerce, Healthcare, B2B, and B2C across multiple industries. Short duration, project-based course led by a personal learning coach to help you support the fulfillment of your career goals. Upon completion, you will earn a credential to put on your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile that showcases your newly acquired skills.

Representative job titles: Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Representative, Client Service Associate, Customer Experience Representative, Client Advocate, Client Care Specialist, Product Support Specialist
Healthcare-related: Patient Advocate, Patient Care Representative, Public Healthcare Exchange Coach

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The Opportunity 

Between increasing reliance on online retail, digital business-to-business commerce, and increasing complexity in healthcare, demand for customer service specialists and managers will remain steady through this decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, how customer service is delivered and the expectations of employers and customers are changing rapidly. Learn what it takes to have an enjoyable career as a successful, productive customer service specialist today with the Certificate in Customer Service Excellence. 

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” – Ken Blanchard 


Master concepts and build skills in communication, customer satisfaction, emotional intelligence, handling difficult situations with confidence and competence, and maintaining motivation and control. With a greater understanding of the critical role customer service specialists play in your organization’s success and your enhanced knowledge of the concepts, skills and techniques you’ll have learned, you’ll also be better equipped to advance your career in customer service or take advantage of opportunities in other fields, as well.

What you’ll learn 

The main goal of this certificate is to enable you to develop skills and competencies that employers are looking for in the following areas:  

  • •  Customer Relationships 
  • •  Understanding customers 
  • •  Customer Service Operations 
  • •  Essential Customer Service Skills 
  • •  Customer Success 
  • •  Communications skills 
  • •  Problem-solving 
  • •  Complaint handling 
  • •  Building customer service strategies 


How you’ll learn  

Individualized support by industry experts: To assure your learning supports where you are and where you want to go in your career, our individualized delivery model teams you up with a learning coach who will meet with you virtually during the course of your study.  In your initial meeting, you will discuss your career objectives with your personal learning coach.  Over additional scheduled one-on-one virtual meetings they will discuss your questions, homework assignments, and connect your learning to your job and career to make sure you get the most from the material presented and maintain your focus on the learning goals you have set for yourself.   

Project-Based: You will apply the concepts you learn in a project that you can draw upon as you interview for your new role.  Because the project simulates the actual work duties of professionals in this field, the project offers you an opportunity to showcase the skills and competencies that employers are looking for in hiring and promoting professionals in their organizations.  

Flexibility: Learn on the days of the week and times of day that fit your schedule: E-Learning is available virtually 24/7/365. 


Who should attend 

This program is geared toward individuals looking to launch a fulfilling career or reenter the workforce in a role that helps others solve their problems and find joy in doing so. In a customer service career, you get the opportunity to spend every day communicating with new, interesting customers finding solutions to their various problems. Good candidates also include those with previous customer-service experience who would like to refresh, update or polish their skills in this profession.


Why the Rutgers program? 

Earn a credential to put on your resume that showcases your skills to support career success from a trusted public institution serving the people, businesses, and government agencies in the state of New Jersey for over 250 years.

    • •  Experience facilitating practical, effective, hands-on learning experiences to individuals and groups to support their success in a rapidly evolving workplace environment  
    • •  Highly experienced, personal learning coaches who know how to help you learn, and who have the business experience needed to speak with authority, so it is meaningful to you 
    • •  Focus on practical application so you can expect to get a quick return on your investment in time and tuition 
    • •  Affiliation with a network of over 530K alumni in all 50 states and on six continents 
    • •  Relationship with a legacy institution that can provide access to an extensive portfolio of career-oriented programs that will support lifelong learning throughout your career


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