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Have you considered a career in project management? For job seekers and professionals interested in increasing their marketability, project management is an attractive career opportunity. By becoming a project management professional with project management certification, individuals can secure for themselves a promising career rich with opportunities for growth.

project management professional certification

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, careers in project management are expected to continue to increase substantially over the next five years. Since 2006, an average of 1 million project management jobs have been created each year, and through the year 2020 the industry is expected to grow by $6.61 trillion dollars worldwide. One of the primary reasons project management has become such a burgeoning field is that project management skills are highly translatable, and therefore pertinent to an array of industries. Among many others, these industries include:



Information Technology



Systems Implementation


Every successful company needs leaders who can effectively manage, communicate and organize, and as projects across industries become increasingly vast and complex; many companies now require the expertise of leaders specifically trained in managing these dynamic tasks. Whatever your field of interest, there is undoubtedly a project management position in which you can put both your leadership skills and industry insight to use.

Project management certification also paves the way for professionals to advance at their current place of work. In many cases, becoming certified as a project management professional doesn’t require switching careers or companies. Every company’s workforce includes a team of managers, and most companies prefer hiring these leaders from within; this means that your current place of employment likely already has a position in which you could exercise project management skills. What’s more, as an increasing number of companies recognize the value of PMP certification, earning this certification can be the difference between a lucrative promotion and being overlooked.

The Rutgers Executive Education project management professional certification makes becoming a project management professional both simple and efficient, and certification can be earned through both traditional and online classroom settings. With our online program, students set their own pace for certificate completion, which is a level of customization that many busy professionals find extremely advantageous.

Our project management professional certification also guarantees extensive, top-tier training to ensure students are more than prepared for taking on the challenges of project management. With project management certification, professionals will learn the fundamentals of management, hone their organization and communication skills, and gain hands-on interactive experience even as they continue their full-time jobs. Our program also provides one-on-one access to meetings with a Rutgers advisor and instructor, as well as numerous supplemental resources and materials to prepare for the final certification exam.

Learn more about the advantages of project management and how to earn your certification from the Rutgers School of Executive Education today.