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How ready is your organization to take advantage of the AI revolution?


ChatGPT/Prompt Engineering Team Building Workshop: Tired of hearing about how AI is going to impact your industry and your organization and ready to jump in? This hands-on 2-hour workshop can take the mystery out of AI and have your team putting it to work right away.

Prompt Engineering with Generative AI Certificate: This seven-week program is aimed at mastering prompt engineering for Generative AI products. It covers AI fundamentals, prompt crafting, advanced techniques, debugging, and specific applications culminates in a final project.

AI for Executive Decision Making Workshop: This Executive “Turbo” working session, delivered in partnership with ENKI, empowers leaders to guide their organizations through an AI driven enterprise transformation. All attendees should bring a current or potential AI Project (idea, opportunity, pain point, or charter) to this session. You will use this project to align our session topics to your business.

Executive Briefings and Support Services: In partnership with Innovation+, this subscription offering will work side-by-side with your team to support your ongoing AI journey. It consists of thee components: sharing insights, supporting ongoing follow through; and, keeping your organization apprised of ongoing developments through ongoing, focused AI consultative sessions.

An Integral 21st Century Job Skill

AI is disrupting the way business is conducted in almost every industry at an unprecedented pace.  According to the Future of Workforce Development report, 62% of hiring managers expect AI to substantially change the nature of work. Organizations that don’t understand how AI is impacting their industry and employ it to innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage. Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers has partnered with Innovation+, a community of engaged leaders across a variety of industries, to develop a series of Executive Briefings that will prepare your organization for the embracing AI into the work flow and culture of your organization.

We Will Support Your Organization’s AI Journey …
We begin our conversation by sharing insights…
Combining a team of seasoned management consulting professionals from the private sector with the weight of academic experts, our team begins by providing a working background of AI and identifying how it relates to the important outcomes you are seeking for your organization.
We support targeted follow through for your company …
After delivering an Executive Briefing to your senior leaders, we can work with your organization to improve measurable business performance by implementing new tools and techniques. We will develop a program that meets your timeline and budget.
We keep you apprised of ongoing developments …
Things are moving so quickly in the field. We can be your trusted partner to keep you apprised of the developments in the field of AI. While you run your business with existing AI tools, we will help you think about how to implement the next generation of tools to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why Rutgers…
The Rutgers Professional and Executive Education team has designed and delivered hundreds of organization-wide custom corporate training solutions for our clients.
Our team of seasoned management consultants and academics have developed a series of 1.5 hour workshops and seminars on Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Generative AI, and related technologies that can support management’s strategic planning and talent initiatives in an uncertain, disruptive future rapidly transformed by new technology. These co-developed programs can be delivered in-person or electronically via webinar. Learn more by calling Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers Director, Dr. Peter McAliney (human) at or 856-225-6315.

AI in Research

Rutgers is working to establish a relationship with AI Campus, a collaborative, project-based-learning initiative designed to equip researchers with the confidence and skills needed to apply artificial intelligence (AI) methods in their career or research. It brings together participants of diverse backgrounds with top AI experts from around the country to address challenging scientific problems using AI and machine learning (ML). The national campus is currently housed at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, with a research connection at the Arkansas State University. For more information you can contact Tom Risch at