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Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers

A Trusted Partner Supporting Your Career in the 21st Century Workplace

Short Duration Programs for Individuals

Our certificate programs are designed to provide you with the real-world skills you need to advance in your career or pursue a career in a new field. We offer a wide variety of continuing professional and executive education certificate programs, both face-to-face and online, that reflect the needs of today’s digitally-transformed business environment.
What better way to ensure success than getting personalized support. Read about Rutgers Personal Learning Coach (PLC) model, which employs the same rationale as that of a Personal Trainer to address your career fitness.

My Personal Learning Coach did an excellent job of clearing up any confusing concepts and really ignited my interest to delve further on my own accord.”

Programs for Organizations

The human capital implications of “flatter” organizational structures require them to be more agile and resilient. Considering the fast pace associated with the 21st century business landscape, Rutgers Professional and Executive Education will work with your organization to put together the right program for the right context and will work with you to develop the expected return on investment that supports your investment in training.

“The Rutgers team has provided our organization with education and project guidance over the past six years … project work by participants has saved the organization millions of dollars.”

Career Center

While the prospect of enhancing your career is exciting, it can also cause some anxiety because, after all, it involves change – and that is not always comfortable. We have put together a curated list of readily-accessible resources to help you as you make important decisions about your career and your future.