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Business Process Managers


How will you advance your professional career in business? At Rutgers, we continue to witness the benefits of continuing business education with professional education training courses. The competitive business environment demands professionals continue to develop their skills and expertise, and our Lean Six Sigma Training, a data-driven approach to improving business processes, stands out as a key opportunity for professionals interested in the growing field of business process management.

With Lean Six Sigma Training, which includes a variety of training and certificate courses held both onsite and online, business professionals are able to gain a range of dynamic skills essential for effective process management. These include new strategies for improved business performance analysis, project leadership techniques, ways to streamline processes, solutions to problem solving across functional areas, and much more.

Process management is an essential area of focus for businesses around the world as workloads become increasingly complex. Effective process management helps businesses perfect or implement new strategies as a way to cut costs, improve expediency, and increase productivity; yet, improving or developing these strategies requires the skills of individuals with special training. Businesses need professionals who can model, document, analyze and design processes, as well as seamlessly adapt to change. Businesses also need those who will be capable of devising new ways to streamline waste, offering insightful analysis as to the effectiveness of operations, and implementing a systematic approach. The Lean Six Sigma methodology training and certificate targets each of these crucial skills and more.

Lean Six Sigma Training also positions business professionals for success in a burgeoning market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that process management positions will increase 24% between 2008 and 2018, significantly higher than overall occupation growth. Already, at least 80% of the world’s leading organizations are invested in business process management endeavors. Top companies that rely on the Lean Six Sigma approach to management include Motorola, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, and Crown Equipment Corporation, each of which have benefitted tremendously in terms of profitability, productivity and brand image by adopting this approach. The sustained success and growth of these companies is a testament to the effectiveness of this management methodology, as well as a strong indication that other companies will follow in their footsteps and seek qualified professionals that can oversee the Lean Six Sigma approach.

In addition to significant job growth, process managers also earn high salaries and benefit from the increased performance visibility this leadership position affords.

Professionals with expertise in process management can also pursue a number of specific positions within the field, including positions as a business process management consultant, administrator, manager, or management analyst. Participants of Lean Six Sigma Training will be equipped with the skills and expertise to successfully take on each of these roles. This training will also help professionals stand out as highly-qualified candidates for process management positions within their current company or allow them to expand their current position to take on the responsibilities of this area of expertise. Acquiring a certificate in business process management skills therefore offers both job security and meaningful opportunities for advancement in a truly dynamic and innovative aspect of business.

Learn more about how Lean Six Sigma Training can help take your business career to the next level, today.