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As residents of New Jersey, we know a thing or two about property taxes. New Jersey consistently has been on the top of the list for highest property taxes in the United States. Property taxes are used for a variety of local services and are calculated using the home’s value and the tax rate for that state. In theory, your property taxes could rise even if the value of your home goes down, depending on the movement of the tax rate. However, just as they can go up, your property taxes can go down as well if the tax rate is lowered. How can this happen?


Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, is calling for a stronger focus on government waste to see where improvements can be made. By increasing efficiency and eliminating waste, the governor argues that this will lower property taxes as well, creating a win-win scenario. There are so many factors that go into property taxes, including employee salaries, how voters vote on consolidation plans, the weather, etc. It is a complicated system, and one that many people believe should be amended to promote greater efficiency.


Some propose using the principles of Lean Six Sigma to better understand the processes that determine our tax rate. For example, by applying Lean Six Sigma to education, officials could see where unnecessary waste stems from by using a collaborative team effort. They could search for unused talent that should be promoted, consider whether or not bus routes could be amended to reduce the size of the fleet, or decide if administration positions can be combined to reduce overhead.




With Lean Six Sigma training, officials and employees in government as well as in any industry can better identify and reduce waste – making government and corporate operations less costly and more effective – to everyone’s benefit. Lean Six Sigma coursework, like our courses at Rutgers University School of Business, help professionals gain an understanding of the various fields of process thinking, process improvement and process management. We offer training courses in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification as well as Black Belt Training and Certification.


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