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Where will you be next year in your profession? If you’re unsure or have a desire to move up, have you ever considered earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt? Rutgers School of Business in Camden offers five training courses in Lean Six Sigma, and several courses concern Green Belt training and certification. As summer is quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to assess your professional life and determine if you require additional training to take your career to the next level.


Why Lean Six Sigma?


Lean Six Sigma uses the two methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma to assess and solve process problems. In doing so, it streamlines businesses processes and is data-driven, using a strict methodology that mitigates any variations in the process. The idea behind Lean Six Sigma is to identify issues and waste and develop an answer that will enhance efficiency, lower costs, and reduce the likelihood that the same issue will occur again.


Those who are in trained in Lean Six Sigma are in high demand. There are tens of thousands of jobs posted in job boards across the country that require some form of Lean Six Sigma training, and those companies are willing to pay those who are qualified. In fact, did you know that the average salary of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in the Untied States is $82,000? Lean Six Sigma Green Belts use the skills they’ve learned in training to improve business processes, and they often quickly rise to managerial positions where they have more responsibilities and earn more pay.


If all of these things sound good, we would highly encourage you to check out this infographic we did on Lean Six Sigma. You will learn about how Lean Six Sigma works, what attributes make up a good Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and what you should expect if you decide to ultimately get your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – the next level in Lean Six Sigma training and experience.


Rutgers School of Business in Camden offers Lean Six Sigma training courses to help professionals in various industries move up the business ranks or change careers to a field of their choosing. Each course can be tailored to your learning pace and schedule, and you will have a Rutgers mentor who will guide you throughout the process where in the end you should hopefully earn your Green Belt.