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Commit. Own. Adjust.

Get to Know Denise Redmond, SHRM-SCP, Instructor/Advisor for Rutgers Executive Education


HR Instructor, Denise RedmondDenise Redmond specializes in Organizational Development and Leadership Development. She brings over 25 years of experience working extensively in Human Resources, Learning and Development and academia.  She provides her Human Resources students with tailored one-to-one advising and real world coaching.  For her corporate clients, she produces, designs, and delivers global online learning experiences as well as individualized coaching.  She has worked with leading organizations such as The Chicago Board of Trade, A.M. Castle & Co., CME Group, Cisco Systems, Caterpillar Inc., Graybar and Rutgers University’s Executive Education.

Her goal is to foster an environment that values professional development, engagement and continuous learning.



What are the key concepts you cover in your course and why is each important in today’s business environment?

HR as business partner is no longer the administrative arm of an organization. It is no longer the place where an employee goes with problems. Rather, Human Resources professionals are strategic partners that add value and create opportunities for organizational as well as individual success.

As business partner, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to create and implement an HR strategy that aligns with and supports the strategic direction of the organization and through the recruitment, development and retention of top talent we’re able to advance those goals.


How does your course help participants to address these challenges?

The challenges and approach to establishing HR as a business partner are addressed not only in the online content but also through the one-to-one connection between student and advisor where we discuss real world examples and identify resources that bridge the gap between theory and reality.


If you were giving a TED Talk, what would the title of it be? Why?

Commit – Own – Adjust

While these concepts might seem simple, for some they are difficult to turn into concrete behaviors that generate success for themselves or for their teams.


What can participants expect when they take one of your courses?

Participants can expect to participate in a college level course with college level standards and expectations. The can expect to be held to those standards.  Above all else, they can expect to have a partner in me every step of the way.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering taking your course as part of the Rutgers Exec Ed Program?

This is a challenging, robust and most of all rewarding program.  One that requires focus, and attention; it requires one to create a WORKING action plan.  Above all it requires curiosity and an openness to think differently.  Human Resources is not black and white.  Ninety percent of what we are tasked with is GRAY and we have to be able to embrace that.  Human Resources is not just about what you know – even more critical it’s about how you apply what you know. This course can help you understand and identify ways in which you can develop the competencies of a successful human resources professional.


What is your personal perspective on work/life balance?

 I am not only a business professional but also a wife and mother of three teenagers (and a dog).  I recognize the challenges of having to balance work and family and at times having to shift priorities.  It’s not easy.  But, I also understand when I commit to learning and developing I continue to grow as a wife, mother and business professional.  It can be done – commit, own and adjust.


Denise Redmond is an Instructor/Advisor at Rutgers School of Business – Camden Executive Education. She teaches three Human Resources certificate programs – Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management, Human Resources Essentials Certificate and Supervision Professional Certificate. These online certificate programs are self-study with one-on-one support and coaching. Upon successful completion, participants can add the Rutgers Human Resources certificate to their resume.  


For more information about these Human Resources certification programs, contact us at (link) or click on the links below.

Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management

Certificate in Human Resources Essentials