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In Partnership with edstutia

December 13, 2022: Rutgers University Partners with Edstutia to Bring Professional Development into the Metaverse

Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers, a continuing education unit of Rutgers University, is excited to announce its partnership with Edstutia, a provider of Instructor Certification in Extended Reality for Human Resource (HR) professionals and adult learners. Edstutia’s program will crucially expand the dynamic and innovative learning opportunities Rutgers University has long offered in an area with high potential for economic growth by embracing this emerging learning and development technology.

As the State University of New Jersey and one of the oldest colleges in the country, Rutgers University is committed to providing a variety of paths to higher education, career enhancement, and workforce training for learners of all backgrounds. Across its network of continuing education units, Rutgers offers more than 5,000 short-duration programs every year.  As part of their portfolio of relevant career-enhancing programs for professionals, executives, and adult learners, Rutgers’ offerings include skill-building certificates for unemployed state residents, alternative paths to degrees for students returning to college after withdrawing, and programs for active-duty military and veterans.

“Our mission is to help workers equip themselves with the skills necessary to be professionally successful,” states Peter McAliney, Director of Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers. “Edstutia is a leader in applying extended reality (XR) technology to support the training and development needs of 21st century organizations in the private sector, non-for profits, and government agencies. They have developed a training program for HR professionals to create cost-effective, individualized and cohort-based training programs that leverage the potential of the metaverse.”

“I’m super excited about this opportunity to partner with the Professional and Executive Education Department at the Rutgers University School of Business to deliver cutting edge programs like the Instructor Certification in XR (ICXR) program,” says Christine Janssen, Founder & CEO of Edstutia.  Janssen continues, “as business educators, our job is to arm today’s workforce with the skills and mindsets necessary to weather forthcoming challenges and changes. Web 3.0 is here, and HR professionals need to be prepared to help their organizations adapt to new technology and ultimately be meta ready – Edstutia’s ICXR is a great way to get started.”

Virtual reality and augmented reality make a compelling use case. XR-enhanced jobs are projected to grow to 23 million by 2030 and XR training is estimated to contribute $294 billion to the global economy by 2030. As organizations rethink their workplace strategies to meet the needs of an increasingly remote workforce, XR provides an impactful, cost-effective option to deliver engaging learning experiences at scale and across geographical locations. To support this job growth, Learning and Development professionals need to acquire the skills to support XR learning design and delivery in their organizations.

Through this partnership, Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers and Edstutia will be furthering their missions by merging an institution that has supported the learning needs required to build a strong workforce for over 250 years with an emerging technology company to collaboratively lead the way in developing the workforce of the future. This will truly bring together both old and new over their shared values of affordable, relevant, customizable and accessible education.

Enrollment is now open for the Jan 2023 cohort, beginning on Jan 17th.  For more information or to register, click here.

About Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers (PEER)

PEER takes a holistic approach to support the career needs of rising professionals and employers in the 21st century workplace. Its short-duration programs combine targeted content with career guidance from seasoned industry professionals.  This approach serves to support the upskilling/reskilling/newskilling needs of individuals as well as complements the services provided by training and development departments tasked with acquiring and retaining their human capital.  PEER’s revolutionary Personal Learning Coach model provides the flexibility required by both professionals and employers to meet the constantly shifting skills required for success in a workplace increasingly defined by human-computer interaction.

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About Edstutia

Edstutia is a cutting-edge virtual learning platform for the 21st century positioned at the intersection of business and technology that is disrupting the worlds of higher education and corporate training. By leveraging XR in one of the world’s first fully immersive campuses in virtual reality, they take experiential learning to the next level to prepare the workforce of the future for the workplace of today and tomorrow. Edstutia’s approach leverages immersive technology for teaching/training purposes and tracks the learner journey with new data points in Virtual Reality (VR) to optimize engagement and retention. 

Learn more at as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (@edstutia).


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