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8-week live online class

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Are you an early career accountant working toward your CPA and haven’t taken the FAR* section yet?
  • Will you be eligible for a raise (or increased starting salary) if you have partially completed or completed your CPA licensure?
  • Are you finishing your undergraduate accounting degree and planning to take the CPA exam?
  • Are you finishing up (or continuing) an MA Accounting program and planning to take the CPA exam?
  • Will you be paying out of your own pocket, or will you only receive limited financial support from your employer?
  • Is your workload (or school load) somewhat lighter over the summer?
  • Do you have time off over the summer because you do not start your job until the fall?

If so, consider registering today for this budget-friendly exam preparation course for the FAR section of the CPA exam, offered in partnership with Gleim Publications.

Two Ways to Save

Basic Exam Prep Package ($400) (Click link to register)
– 24 hours of interactive synchronous instruction (class recordings are accessible for 12 months)
– PDF version of the Gleim Review course book
– Pre-set multiple-choice quizzes (2 quizzes per study unit, 30 possible questions on it)
– Instructor developed quizzes
– Task-Based Simulation Bank (1 simulation in each unit, 4-8 different tasks per simulation)
– Two instructor-generated practice exams (1 at mid-point, 1 at end)

Premium Exam Prep Package ($525) (Click link to register)
Basic Exam Prep Package PLUS …
– Physical books
– Adaptive online course with a bank of up to 2,000 multiple-choice questions and 200-300 Simulations
– Audio reviews, digital flashcards
– Full-length Exam Rehearsals
– Gleim Instructional videos
– Access to Personal Counselors
– Access to Accounting Experts
– Interactive Study Planner
– Detailed analytics, including the Gleim Gauge for an easy and quick look at your overall progress
– Access Until You Pass®️ guarantee
– Product Replacement Guarantee for any updates released while still studying for that section

For additional information or questions, call 856-225-6685 or email

* 8-week Instructor led classes are offered singly three times per year. For the balance of 2024, we will be offering AUD (fall) and REG (winter). 2025 offerings begin in summer, 2025.