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Case Studies

1. Developing 21st Century Leaders.

Demands placed on organizations from an increasingly fast-paced environment require flatter and more agile organizational structures. A more distributed operating environment requires leaders to not only engage employees in their organization, but also those in their multiple partner organizations. A new generation of leaders need to build a resilient set of skills along a leadership continuum.
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2. Developing Leaders from Within.

Wanting to maintain a hire from within strategy, this clients senior leadership desired to prepare and expand the company’s leadership pipeline. A sustaining program was envisioned that would be the foundation and pathway for future leaders to progress within the organization and to maintain identified key values such as loyalty, engagement and innovation...[Read More]

3. Creating a Process Improvement Culture.

As the process improvement and lean movement continues to grow through the service industry worldwide, this leading medical center aspired to be at the tip of the spear in the area of process improvement excellence in effort to provide world-class patient care. The combined learning development teams needed to leverage existing Rutgers Executive Education resources to develop a flexible, sustainable schedule of continuous learning programs that would support the learning and development needs of this growing organization...[Read More]

4. Increasing Sales in Multiple Global Markets.

Corporate leadership needed to increase sales proficiencies and dealer performance among their entire global network of dealers. Competencies had been developed for the Sales Manager position at each dealer yet the deployment of a sales management training program that would be flexible, consistent and impactful was certainly deemed to be a challenge that needed to be taken very seriously...[Read More]