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Workshop on Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Next Date: First Quarter 2022, TBD

Investment: $490


Living up to our organization’s ideals for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in our community is an ongoing process. It takes not only good intentions, but growing self-awareness and knowledge of the complex subject of diversity and inclusiveness.

The Opportunity

The Rutgers Workshop In Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging will help your staff, leaders and other stakeholders advance your organization’s diversity and inclusion aspirations. Join us soon for two game-changing, hands-on, 90-minute workshops, each targeting knowledge, skills, and abilities to support your personal and organizational goals.

You will take the Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment which will inform the direction of the discussions. Workshop content is shaped to meet the needs identified through the group’s competency assessment. Delivered live via video conference, each workshop will engage participants through short lectures to introduce concepts and interactive activities to apply concepts to case studies.

This impactful, highly-interactive 2-part workshop is offered online – see schedule below.

Key Workshop Topics

  • • Interpretation of assessment results, intercultural competencies
  • • Diversity competency benchmarking and identification of learning gaps
  • • Learning modules to bridge the learning gap through introduction of intercultural competencies to meet learners where they are, and work through potential solutions to bridge the gaps
  • • Concepts and vocabulary to name and address monocultural practices at work. Implicit bias and techniques to interrupt bias
  • • Implicit bias training and techniques to interrupt bias
  • • Application of learning to case study

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers, supervisors & staff at companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, who wish to enhance Diversity and Inclusion awareness and competencies for themselves, their organization and community.


$490 per person; discount available for 3 or more participants registering for the same class dates.

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Available Dates

  • Please contact us for future dates. If you are interested in providing this program to a group of staff at your organization, please call us at 856-225-6302 or email us at execed@camden.rutgerts.edu.

Program Faculty

Sunitha Mortha
Sunitha Mortha, Diversity & Inclusion Training Facilitator

• Masters in Intercultural Ministry
• Yale Certificate in Fostering Diversity & Inclusion Intercultural Inventory
• Development Administrator
• 30 years of consultation, training and facilitating experience
• Over 10 years’ experience in Intercultural Understanding and Inclusion.