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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma: A Primer
There is an ever-increasing demand to improve operational performance – across all functions in organizations. Employers are looking for people who can help them meet this demand – who are trained and knowledgeable in practicing continuous process improvement through the LSS methodology. This training module will introduce the concepts, strategies and tools used in Lean and in Six Sigma, and how to best use these together, to solve process- and quality problems.

Employing Continuous Improvement in a Service Organization
Many of the continuous improvement tools were developed within the context of a manufacturing environment – just in time, Kanban, 5S, Kaizen events, going to the source of things, standardization, fishbone diagrams, Andon board, Pareto diagrams, MDI/MDI Boards, DMAIC, PDCA, value stream mapping etc. Not so apparent, however, is how to use these tools in a service environment.  This module will look at some of the continuous improvement tools that are available and how to apply them within the context of the service that your area provides within the organization.

Implementing Process Improvement Techniques in a Service Organization
Service functions in an organization have some unique features that mean some of the normal tools of process improvement are more appropriate than others.  By their nature, service operations are often labor intensive and hence susceptible to variations. These variations are complex to manage and can lead to coworker, customer, client, and partner dissatisfaction. This module will review a variety of suggested process improvement techniques that you can apply in your area that can lead to a higher quality delivery of your underlying function.