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This 1.5-hour interactive Executive Briefing on AI in education provides a comprehensive overview of the topic. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of AI in education, including its definition and potential benefits. The Executive Briefing will explore real-world applications of AI in personalized learning and administrative support, along with case studies highlighting successful implementations.

Ethical considerations and challenges related to AI in education will be discussed, focusing on bias, privacy, and transparency. The Executive Briefing will conclude by examining future trends and implications of AI in education, identifying opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Participants will gain insights into the potential of AI to enhance educational experiences, learn about practical AI applications, and understand the key considerations for successful implementation in their organizations.

Sample outline below; we will customize an outline based on your needs.

I. Introduction to AI in Education

  • Setting the context: The role of AI in transforming education
  • Definition of artificial intelligence and its relevance in the educational landscape
  • Highlighting the potential benefits of AI in enhancing learning outcomes

II. AI Applications in Education

  • Exploring real-world applications of AI in education
  • AI-driven personalized learning: Adaptive learning systems and intelligent tutoring
  • AI in administrative support: Automated grading, virtual assistants, and chatbots
  • Sharing case studies and success stories of AI implementation in educational settings

III. Ethical Considerations and Challenges

  • Discussing ethical considerations associated with AI in education
  • Addressing bias, privacy, and data security concerns
  • Strategies for ensuring fairness, transparency, and responsible use of AI in education
  • Encouraging an open discussion on ethical dilemmas and potential solutions

IV. Future Trends and Implications

  • Exploring emerging trends and advancements in AI and education
  • Anticipating the impact of AI on teaching, learning, and workforce development
  • Discussing opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the field of AI in education
  • Identifying ways to prepare for the future of education in the AI era

V. Closing Remarks and Next Steps

  • Recap of key takeaways
  • Resources for further exploration and learning
  • Action planning: Identifying steps to apply AI in participants’ organizations


This Executive Briefing will be presented by the following professionals who have extensive experience in AI and education:

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Our team of seasoned management consultants and academics have developed this 1.5 hour workshop and seminar on Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Generative AI, and related technologies that can support management’s strategic planning and talent initiatives in an uncertain, disruptive future rapidly transformed by new technology. This co-developed program can be delivered in-person or electronically via webinar. Learn more by calling Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers Director, Dr. Peter McAliney (human) at or 856-225-6315.