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The application of Generative AI Models such as ChatGPT and others has caught corporations scrambling to determine how best to leverage this technology.  Achieving productivity gains is the usual first step. However, the ultimate generative AI capability is to support decision making—the fundamental responsibility and mechanism of executives and managers to delivery value to the enterprise and its customers.

All decisions are one or a combination of three things: (1) how to resolve problems (P); (2) how to mitigate risks (R); and, how to capture opportunities (O). The PRO dilemma every executive and manager continuously face is, which problems, risks, and opportunities should be pursued at this point in time? The ultimate Generative AI capability is to support executives and managers manage their PRO portfolios.

This executive briefing explores how to bridge generative AI models to generalized decision-making.

Some of what you will learn includes:

  • A vision for the future of corporate decision-making leveraging generative AI models
  • An enterprise decision measure applicable to all corporate decisions
  • How to prioritize a problem, risk, and opportunity (PRO) portfolio


This Executive Briefing will be presented by the following professionals who have extensive experience in AI and decision making:

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Our team of seasoned management consultants and academics have developed this 1.5 hour workshop and seminar on Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Generative AI, and related technologies that can support management’s strategic planning and talent initiatives in an uncertain, disruptive future rapidly transformed by new technology. This co-developed program can be delivered in-person or electronically via webinar. Learn more by calling Professional and Executive Education at Rutgers Director, Dr. Peter McAliney (human) at or 856-225-6315.