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1. Developing 21st Century Leaders

Partner Client: A New Jersey-based Inc. 5000 "Fastest-Growing Private Company" with revenues of $3B and over 13K employees.

Audience: Audience 1: Emerging Leaders | Audience 2: Senior Organizational Leaders

Delivery: For Audience 1: 3-month leadership program, delivered in blended format | For Audience 2: 10-month leadership program delivered in blended format

The Challenge: Demands placed on organizations from an increasingly fast-paced environment require flatter and more agile organizational structures. A more distributed operating environment requires leaders to not only engage employees in their organization, but also those in their multiple partner organizations. A new generation of leaders need to build a resilient set of skills along a leadership continuum.

The Solution: For a nationwide logistics and transportation company, Rutgers developed a comprehensive leadership training platform initiated with an emerging professional’s leadership program that seamlessly stacks into a program for senior leaders. Collaborating with the C-Suite, the Director or Talent Development, and a leading competency-based training and development organization, Rutgers Executive Education designed two project-based blended classroom and eLearning programs targeted to different levels of leaders throughout the organization – rising professionals and senior leaders. The two programs were holistically designed to develop leaders from three perspectives: as individuals, from a team perspective, and from an organizational perspective. An integral part of the senior leadership program is to act as mentors and coaches for those participating in the rising professional leadership program, thus ensuring continuity and assurance that the organization’s culture would be imbued in the next generation of leaders.

The Impact: The alignment of the Rutgers’ practitioner-academic approach with the organization’s competency model supports a strategic focus on leadership development. The program integrates 21st century leadership competencies early – and throughout – an individual’s leadership journey with our organizational values around family, integrity, safety, customers, teamwork, and social responsibility to ensure maximum value for our customers, to foster innovation by employees at all levels in the organization, and to support a diverse and inclusive workplace environment that attracts, retains, and develops it employees.